What is the Hunt?

Join us for our 2nd ever online scavenger hunt on Instagram. For 24hrs let's all abstain from drugs/alcohol & show that sober can be fun. Compete for the excitement, prizes & glory of winning. 


October 20, 2018

The last Hunt was a great success, NOW it's time for part 2. No matter where you're at in the world, no matter if you're in recovery or not, let's unite for a common cause. 


The 3rd Place Team

This team had so much fun at Universal Studios Florida. All day they uploaded some amazing pics having a blast for a cause. Can you top them?



Get the entire family involved. Such a great lesson for kids & a bonding experience for families. 


Be Creative

Show off your creativity with each challenge. Everyone has the same challenges, but they're all different.


The Winner

Our first winner was so committed that they did every challenge, including the bonus.



Everything in life has rules, this does too.


It's Time 

Click below to join the fun & play with us