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Jeremy Wood, CEO

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nickname - J

family - father of two beautiful daughters Jeredy & Jayleigh

occupation - CEO of website marketing, SEO, hosting & design company 

personal story - Jeremy is in recovery with a clean date of 7-11-09. He is a home group member of SWOI the 12 step fellowship of NA. He has been a member of our board since the beginning, while he served as our VP for 4 years. 

favorite book - anything about history, religion or spirituality

An Uncommon Bond -Jeff Brown

Travelers Gift -Andy Andrews

The Alchemist -Paulo Coelho

Many Lives Many Masters, the Rhythm of Life, Celestine prophecy, The Surrender Experiment...and many many more!


favorite hobbies - running, exercising, yoga, biking, reading or eating sushi...

vision statement - giving is the highest expression of our power! We are all one. We are cut from the same cloth. We are made of the same material. We breathe the same air & the same blood courses through our veins.We only label ourselves differently which separates us. When we should remove the labels & treat one another as ourselves. We are here for each other.

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