What kind of help do I need & where do I start?

Any program can present well online, or within a brochure.  However, every program is not for everyone.  You shouldn't have to pick a program based on your insurance plan or financial ability to pay, but these do create obstacles in choosing a program that may be best for you.  First and foremost it's necessary to view the options that are reputable and have the standard you require to ensure the safety and proper treatment you are requesting.

To learn more about the various level of care and what programs we have evaluated, click on any of the links below.

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Medical Detox



None of the programs on our list pay The N.OW. Matters More Foundation or any of it's members for listing on our website, the referrals it generates, or the rating we may provide.  This listing is also completely FREE for you to use.  Should you want to discuss any of the programs listed below or require help with the process please never hesitate to call 407-721-5402 and ask our Founder Lui for help.



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sober living

We visit programs, meet with the clinical staff, meet with managing entity or ownership, speak with referral sources, and even discuss the program with former clients when that is an option.   We do this because we know how difficult it is to navigate the BUSINESS of addiction treatment.  However, this does not mean that you should not do your own due diligence.  This is simply a compliment to your own efforts and hopefully helps you with making your decision.