NMMF on Kyle Weatherman's ARCA Racing Series car for the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200

On Sunday April 30, 2017, NASCAR driver Kyle Weatherman included The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation in his #KyleKares campaign. He added The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation as a sponsor on the #78 ARCA Racing Series car he drove for Mason Mitchell Motorsports in the Kentuckiana Ford Dealers 200 at Salem Speedway. It’s his way of showing love and support to causes he believes in and we couldn’t be more grateful.

Our Founder, Lui Delgado and President Trinity Phillips were in attendance at the track and cheered from the pit box as Kyle proved to be the fastest car on the track, lap after lap. A caution catching him in the pits and an error not of his doing, put him 2 laps down to the leader. After successfully taking back one of the lost laps with hard racing, we hoped for caution. Unfortunately it never came and there weren’t enough laps remaining in the race to make it all up, but he almost did. His never give up attitude and focus on hitting his marks put him just seconds away from the lead lap. It was an incredible run. He finished 3rd.

Just two weeks prior and in the same car, he dominated the field in Nashville. He finished 2nd in that race. Again, an unfortunate event cost him the win after leading the most laps. Racing is definitely a team sport and one that relies on so many moving parts. Environmental conditions, equipment, sponsorship dollars, luck, and skill. Kyle and every race car driver knows this all too well. It’s just part of the deal.

With a great supportive family, Mason Mitchell Motorsports equipment, awesome sponsors, and tremendous skill…he has most of the moving parts in his control figured out. Enough to be competitive and in a car able to win on any given race day. He is second In the ARCA points standing and the season is young. So the race to this years ARCA Racing Series Championship is on.

This race and racing in general mimics life. Things happen that are out of your control and you have to make a choice. Do I let it beat me and give up? Or, do I focus on what is in my control, the next task, the NOW? Just days prior to the race Kyle spoke of this very thing on The Couch Live Radio program. He spoke of how despite being disappointed with anything other than a win, he shakes it off within a short period of time and focuses on the next race. He related that to how people get disappointed in their life and have to move on as well. We all do it or we get stuck in regret and failure. He’s a very mature 19 year old man. He has the wisdom, perseverance, and attitude to know his day is coming.

He proved able to show empathy and identify with people that are trying to overcome hardships and barriers like so many in recovery are, because of the life lessons he learns in racing. He knows that he can only move forward one day at a time and focus on what he can do in the NOW. Guess that is why he likes us so much and our hashtag #nowmattersmore.

In return, we want to promote him and athletes like him that do so much for their community and people in general. We made some special shirts for him and the race this past weekend. After an overwhelming amount of requests for the shirts, we decided that we would make them available for anyone that would like to support Kyle Weatherman, his #KyleKares campaign, and of course The N.O.W. Matters More Foundation. This means that by purchasing one of these shirts you will be helping someone get quality treatment for their addiction. It means that YOU care too.

Thank you again Kyle for bringing more awareness to our purpose and making it part of your purpose. You help people know that they don’t have to be addicts in recovery, have a loved one in recovery, or have had someone close to you die of this disease to help or give back. You simply have to love helping people and know that every little bit helps. That in the long run, we can make an impact and that we are all effected by those that are suffering.

Kyle really does Kare.

For more information on Kyle Weatherman please visit www.kyleweatherman.com and remember to follow him on Twitter and Instagram as @kyleweatherman.

Partners and sponsors are always welcome. Join the #KyleKares & #nowmattersmore movement NOW!