The President


Trinity Phillips, Master Trainer

nickname - The Dharma Guy

social media - @thedharmaguy

family - he is married to Angel. Father to Trevor, Skylar, Destiny & Trinity, Jr. Son to Kathy Phillips whom is a Ret. Law Enforcement Officer.

occupation - Certified Master Level Trainer, Wellness Coordinator, Spiritual Counselor & Co-Host of The Couch Live radio show.

personal story - I'm not in recovery from substances, but I used to be addicted to a lifestyle that ruined my life & relationships with friends, family and loved ones.

favorite book - Against the Stream by Noah Levine

favorite sports team - 49ers & Notre Dame

vision statement - I believe the N.O.W. Matters More Foundation can help change the lives of everyone it touches and help bring more compassion to the world while changing the stigmas associated with addiction.

email -